Its been a very busy time at SWI these past couple of months and my biggest project so far has just begun. The re-brand of SWI Teamwear. By removing several of our sports brands from our new 206/17 ranges, we will now be focussing on just adidas and our new training range APTUS. This is going to be a huge change for the brand, but one that we are all looking forward to, especially the creative team who will be spending the next few months working their magic on all the new branding.

To start off the re-brand, myself and the team will be carrying out 2 photoshoots in March, including a 2 day shoot in a studio at Arley hall and a full day photoshoot at adidas HQ. 

In preparation for the photoshoot at adidas we visited the HQ in Stockport to check out the space and facilities available for the shoot.

As many of the rooms contained un-released product, cameras unfortunately weren't allowed to be taken in with us. However i did get a few photos of the other areas around the building which i've posted below.  

We have since arranged another visit to adidas to complete a recce before the shoot takes place on April 1st.