With the new Teamwear website going live this week and the brochure ready to drop on 13th June, here is a sneak preview behind the scenes from the day of the adidas photoshoot. It was very exciting to be the first group allowed to execute a complete photoshoot inside adidas' European headquarters.

After speaking with Laura Stonehouse, Key Account Manager for Teamwear at adidas, it’s clear to see that she shares SWI’s enthusiasm for their new partnership.

“When planning for the Teamwear photoshoot we knew that adidas HQ would be able to provide the ideal setting and creative space that SWI were looking for and were honoured to be able to invite the entire creative team over to HQ for the day.
This was the first time we’d opened the space up for a shoot like this, but we knew HQ would be in safe hands with SWI and the creative team were an absolute dream to work with. The inspirational content we got out of the day was exciting from start to finish and I cannot wait to share the results with the wider business.
The foundations between adidas and SWI have been strongly rooted over the last 6 years. Being able to work alongside the SWI team has been an enormous privilege and a fantastic learning experience. Seeing the expertise, dedication and level of service SWI provide, we were delighted to become the sole Teamwear brand in the partnership moving forward. adidas are really excited to be a big part of SWI’s future and can’t wait to see what comes next.” 

What does the future look like for SWI and adidas?