We began the process of model casting on Friday for the 2017/18 Banner photoshoot. The photoshoot is a huge part of the BMB re-brand which I've been working on since last summer with the launch date of October 2017. The two main photoshoots are being carried out at The Fuse in Partington and Manchester Central Library throughout July. 

There is a huge amount of planning and organising that is going into the re-brand and the photoshoots but one of my favourite parts is always the model selection. We saw 50+ models on Friday from several different agencies with the hope of finding 6 senior models and 4 junior models. The final decisions on the models will be made tomorrow so we can go ahead and order all the bespoke uniform and sportswear ready for July. The next few months are going to be extremely busy for the whole of the team, but we are ready and raring to go! :-D